Rapid prototype development, PCB design and testing, MCU firmware development, FPGA system development, sensor implementation and testing.


From embedded systems to backend applications - control system development, embedded linux system applications, cloud data collection and monitoring systems, data analysis development.


CAD/CAM, product design, speciality applications - CAD design, CAM workflow development, product design, special environment device development (undersea, outdoor, medical), optical system testing and design.


In-house 3D printing, laser cutting, 3D milling, welding, quick supply chains for majority of assembly parts.


Milling of custom aluminium and plastic mechanical parts, electronics assembly and testing, product assembly and testing.


Development of measurement protocols, development of experimental monitoring and test systems, data collection systems and real-time control applications, measurement analysis and product improvement consultancy.


0. Consulting and product conception

We start each project with a consultation meeting to discuss the idea, fully understand the problem and define expectations.

The in-house expertiseis applied to any set of challenges with lean development and rapid manufacturing methodologies.

A wide array of our open hardware products empowers us to quickly form advanced solutions and build proof-of-concept devices prior to engineering a fully customized solution.

1. Experimental testing

New ideas and solutions require experimental validation and testing to prove the concept, evaluate the design requirements and find the optimal path forward.

We combine the best of engineering and science approaches to quickly gather the required data and perform numerical analysis before moving to the next phase.

2. Custom electronics design and development

High quality custom electronics is often one of the key design aspects as many features are implemented in software and users interact with devices though electronic interfaces.

To build a competitive hardware solution, cost optimised electronics without compromised operability and functionality is crucial.

Our electronics engineering team combines best practices and proven solutions from a range of open hardware systems into new solutions with significant cost and time benefits.

3. Custom mechanical and software design and development

Complete product solutions deliver the utility to the customer from all perspectives, implementing a robust, rugged or appealing enclosure, protecting the internal electronics and sensors from the environment as well as enabling the user to monitor and configure the operation though a friendly interface and communicate with the cloud.

Our engineering team combines all the relevant expertise to design hardware and software, ranging from telecommunications, medical devices to environmental sensors.

4. Rapid prototyping

Our unique advantage is the multi-disciplinary engineering team with manufacturing capabilitiesin our development and manufacturing facility in Maribor, Slovenia, enabling testing and usability studies with daily iterationsand revisions of mechanical parts, electronics, software and a range of measurements.

5. Manufacturing of products

Quickly delivering a batch of products is key to capturing customer demands or to deploy systems in the field for various scientific applications.

Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver small batches of devices within a few weeks after starting the development.

6. Product testing

New products require testing to verify for quality, safety and performance reliability and to determine compliance with standards as well as to develop the use-cases and best practices.

We offer a range of custom testing methods to test various products in most demanding environments.


We believe being open is not only empowering development and manufacturing process but it also adds very practical outcomes for our customers and their final users, therefore working by open source principles is our default choice. However, we always adapt to our clients requirements and understand the need for confidential work as well as are versed in joining open and closed source solutions in combined products.

Advantages of open source:

Total ownership

A complete insight into operations allows for full use and repair of products by the customer.

Future-proof devices

Fully-documented and open designs empower to innovate, explore and upgrade the devices outside original specifications, extend the lifespan of devices and encourage reuse.

Collaborative design

Open documentation simplifies collaboration, bridging the gap between the development, manufacturing and use of a device, enabling optimal evolution of the product for everyone involved.